So you're getting married?

Well thats great!

I like to think of weddings as a big party you throw when you and your partner decide to be best friends for life, so when couples bring me on to capture the greatest day of their life, its a pretty big honor. I love learning my couple's stories, how they met, and what they love most about each other. While taking pictures is my main job, I'll probably also tear up at your vows, bust a move on you dance floor (upon request) and become best friends with you mom or Auntie, so I guess you could say, I love my job. While you can't stop the flowers from wilting, the cake from getting stale, or even guarantee you'll always be able to fit in that amazing dress, you can always take the memories with you, and I'm there to make sure it all gets captured with an artistic eye, so you can always remember the magic of the best day ever. Scroll down to see some of the magic days I've already captured, and lets work together!

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