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Last January launched the social media campaign for a 35mm commercial local to the Hampton Roads produced by Bethany Van Hierden. I was lucky enough to help assist with a few of the many tasks involved in getting such an ambitious undertaking, one to the first being shooting images for PR and marketing purposes.

Bethany was adamant about outsourcing to local businesses as much as possible, which seemed to work well in her favor. For this shoot specifically, she locked down a fabulous location, right in the heart of the Freemason District called Origins Wine Room. The owner was more than accommodating, and gave us free rein over the entire establishment, (as well as a bottle of fantastic chardonnay). The variety within the location gave me the opportunity to work with both natural and practical light, and play them out as multiple locations. Patrick, our model was a natural, and provided all of the clothing from his own personal wardrobe. Needless to say he has timelessly classic style, that blended perfectly with our vision to blend with 1940s menswear styling.

On the photographers end there was a lot to love about this shoot, and every shoot is a learning experience, but I feel like my biggest takeaways came from watching the ever assertive and professional Bethany, that being to reach out to local businesses as much as possible, especially in the Hampton Roads community. There are lots of creatives and small business that are willing to help, as long as you have enough confidence in your own creative vision, and the guts to actually ask.

- Sarah E

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