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"You know that moment where you're looking outside a car window while the rain hits the glass, and the song you're listening to makes time slow down into instant nostalgia? I'm all about that feeling."

 Everybody has a story to tell, and I'm here to tell yours

Life can be such a total blur, sometimes its rushing by so fast that we forget the realize the moment we're living in is extraordinary. My favorite thing is being there to capture and immortalize those moments in time so you can always look back and remember those incredible split seconds that make you who you are. I think theres a certain magic in photography that captures those special sparks of life, and makes us realize how extraordinary it really is. I love showing people those moments in their life, I love showing them how beautiful their story is, 


Hey there, I'm Sarah, and I like to take pictures. I like to think of myself as one of those artsy-girl-next-door-turned-adventurer types, who just happened to fall in love with life behind the lens. Based in Virginia Beach with a education in cinema and communications, my passions truly revolve around creative storytelling through visual arts. But as much as I love the creativity, I'm a total extrovert, and building relationships with my clients are always what keep me shooting, I love learning their stories and building lasting friendships with them. My goal is to show you the magic of your own moment.

Pictured above: Left Philadelphia PA  Right:  Alberta Canada

"That girl with the camera"

Jess and Nathan had the easiest breeziest dreamy mountain wedding, surrounded with the sweetest friends and family, draped in the most brilliant fall colors. The entire weekend was something out of a fairytale, complete with Prince Charming and an actual noble steed...

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